New Mexico Mineral Investment CO.
Skiatook, OK
New Mexico Mineral Investment Company consolidates and manages the mineral rights of its shareholders.  By owning shares in the company rather than fractional interests, we are able to maximize returns for our shareholders.  
If you are a mineral owner, chances are you have been contacted by people interested in leasing your oil and gas mineral interests. One of the first things you need to do is determine exactly who it is you are talking to in order to know the best way to approach negotiations. 
The individual who initially contacts you could be one of various stripes. Ask questions to ascertain which of the following you're dealing with:
  • Leasing Agent/Broker: These are usually independent contractors working on behalf of either an oil company who intends to drill, or for a larger land brokerage firm who has been hired by the oil company. They often have incentives to negotiate the best oil and gas lease for the oil company.
  • Oil Company Employee: Sometimes an oil company will have in-house landmen pursuing leases.
  • Entrepreneur/Middleman: At times, a landman will be working for their own account, taking gas leases or oil leases in their own name (or their own company's name) with the intention of re-selling the lease to another entity, likely an oil company who actually has the capacity and intention to drill.
Clearly you would respond to each of these individuals differently, so be prepared!
For more information regarding NMMIC, please contact us.
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